Expectations for Junior Players.

Expectations for Junior players

  • Parents are asked to help their children achieve these expectations:
  • Winning is important but it's not the only reason for playing. Play football for fun and enjoyment.
  • Play by the rules and accept the umpire's decision at all times.
  • Respect the players on the opposition team.
  • Be a team member by co-operating with your coaches and Team-mates at training and, on match days. Always play by any team rules.
  • Work equally hard at training and at matches.
  • Support team-mates and players of other Eastern Park teams (especially those younger). Never put them down, or make fun of them.
  • Notify the Coach if you can't play and/or train and always turn up at the specified time.
  • Respect the Club and other players' property
  • Be aware of any recommendations concerning injuries incurred during matches eg the blood rule.
  • Don't subject others to your bad habits ie spitting or use of bad language.