Code of Conduct for Eastern Park Football Club.


Disciplinary committee/tribunal, incorporating the Eastern Park Football Club code of conduct

A disciplinary committee/tribunal has been organised and set up for the safety and well being of the Eastern Park Football Club community.

It will behave in a nonbiased and neutral manner to resolve any issues impacting on members, guests, and visitors of the Eastern Park Football Club community.

It will devise and provide a copy of rules and regulations based on contemporary guidelines to be displayed at the clubrooms for all to see.

The guidelines will be provided for view, and the applicant must sign to abide by the same, prior to any membership applications being completed and accepted.

Before any contracts are implemented between the Eastern Park Football Club inc.. and any player, coach or support staff, the applicant will have to read them, and sign to agree to be bound by the regulations and rules.

It will have the power to amend/update any rules or regulations based on contemporary practices; or as seen fit when a quorum of the same committee/tribunal agree after thorough consultation and a vote.

All members of the committee/tribunal are bound by the same rules and regulations as deemed by the committee for the club as a whole.

All members of the above committee must be financial members (or life members) of the Eastern Park Football Club Inc.

It is deemed to be active from January 2004 onwards

Code of Conduct

Is applicable to, and to be adhered to, by any representation of, or support of, Eastern Park Football Club inc. community
(this includes football, cricket, netball, darts, social functions, and social outings)

1. Members are to be held responsible for any of their invited guests behaviour and conduct.

2. Proper attire at all times for members and invited guests and visitors.

3. Any fights, physical or verbal will not be tolerated within the clubrooms or surrounding areas, or at off site venues where Eastern Park is being represented.

4. Abuse of volunteer workers of the club will not be tolerated. This includes bar & canteen staff, committee members, and any team support members, including parents.

5. Players representing Eastern Park community in any sport will adhere to relevant sporting codes of conduct in place at all times.

6. Overly intoxicated people will be refused service, and if need be will be removed from the premises as per the office of liquor and gambling licence guidelines.

7. No removal or deliberate damage of any club property, nor any members' personal effects and monies. if this occurs, the matter will be placed into the hands of the police.

8. Smoking in the club venue; rules as per the office of liquor and gambling licence guidelines will be adhered to at all times.

9. Parents/guardians are responsible for all minors in their care at all times whilst on premises or at functions. They will also abide by any legal or imposed restrictions set in place with regard to minors on the premises or at functions.

10. All patrons to respect the comfort and well being of everyone who attends an Eastern Park Football Club inc. venue, whether it be at the actual clubrooms, or anywhere else the club is being represented.

Courses of action available to members, guests and visitors to the Eastern Park community if it is felt that the code of conduct has been breached to the detriment of others, and cannot be resolved in any other way.

1. A formal written complaint may be received by the committee of the day

2. A formal verbal complaint may be received by the committee of the day

3. If no letter or verbal complaint is received, but an indiscretion has been noted, and deemed to be an issue, then the appointed tribunal of the day may step in and investigate the issue.

4. Failure to attend hearing by reported person may lead to a ban until the tribunal reschedules a new hearing.

***reprimands will be decided upon by the tribunal of the day.

The severity of the offence will determine the outcome of the tribunal decision.

Some examples may include: "community club service hours" ,
A letter of reprimand to the offender(s),
A ban from the club premises and associated functions venues

Loss of incentives and or payments for players and coaches

Police intervention if so required

The quorum of the tribunal must consist of a minimum of three members
If three nominated members are not available, there are two options available:

1. Postpone the hearing until three such members are available

2. If this is unacceptable, then an emergency committee consisting of a minimum of one tribunal member and two officials may be engaged to under take disciplinary action. Accept able substitute emergency members may be selected from the executive committee or other committee member, and from the coaching staff.

If a committee/tribunal member does not wish to be part of a particular issue, they may be replaced by a substitute member, or stand aside, if there are enough members to deal with the issue at hand.

If a committee/tribunal member feels that there is a 'conflict of interest', then they are to be excused from the proceedings, and a substitute member will replace the member if required.