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Football 17-05-11



As President of the Eastern Park Football Club I am appalled and dismayed at the lack of support we are receiving from our members and supporters of our proud club particularly with our senior sides this year. Are we a mob of front runners who only want to support our club when we are winning and only prepared to put your hand up to do something around the club if you get paid. Our juniors have support from parents doing boundary & goal umpire duties, team manager & ground marshal roles, have coaches and support staff who all do it for the love it and then offer incentives for their sides as well.


Where are the offers of assistance from our "TRUE DEMON SUPPORTERS", yes we get patronage through bar & canteen sales but some do not even give us that. Bringing your own drinks etc to the games is now more common place that I have ever seen before. Do I have a right to complain, probably not, do I purchase food and drinks for my family from the club when we are there for seniors or juniors, yes I certainly do. Does that make me better than others, absolutely not but I do appreciate that every little bit will keep our club afloat and provide a future for our juniors as well.


All of our executive are trying to do football roles (as well as our club committee duties) that we have not received any offers of assistance with I.e. team manager, timekeeper, interchange steward, match day official, scoreboard attendant, setting up change rooms & umpires room, oval set up before & after the game. We have executives involved in coaching, trainers duties, collecting fees, selling winning margin tickets and the list goes on. Then we get "We should have the BBQ up and going", give me strength. Where are the "TRUE DEMON SUPPORTERS" when the club needs you most. Dusty does have "A" grade assistant coaches, a great team manager who does more than he should, a runner who is new to the club and one junior who runs water all day. We have two trainers and a part timer who do what they can and between them look after 42 players. Richard has one person in the "C" grade. Marty has "B" grade team manager that was only supposed to fill in until we found someone to do the role, gets a runner if he is lucky and has the same junior running water who does the "A" grade.


We then have unquestionably the most disgusting and embarrassing series of events last Saturday that the club has been involved in for years. Fights, bottles thrown, police intervention, injured players getting involved and others including women & junior players inflaming the situation. Again left to a few to try and sort out and left to speak to police. Not only was this in front of GAZA people who now justifiably consider us to be a laughing stock but sadly some of own parents had brought children to the footy so see their heroes. Not only were they dismayed to see such behaviour they were then subjected to filthy language and abuse directed at the umpires from our own people. We must be so proud of ourselves. Again I ask,    




Lindsay Lawrence
President, Eastern Park Football Club

Football 16-05-11
The daunting task of playing the undefeated Gaza presented itself on Saturday and from the outset it was going to be a long day. The Demons were very competitive for the first 10 minutes then a few of the players attention drifted to the scuffle on the hill, in that space of time Gaza banged on 5 unanswered goals to lead by 5 at 1/4 time. In the second through some hard work by Butts, Shaun G and Alex we got back into the game and were only 2 goals down with 5 minutes to go. Gaza put the foot down and banged on 6 goals in as many minutes to lead by 8 at 1/2 time. In the 3rd quarter we were once again competitive but couldn't apply scoreboard pressure, the lead increased and in the last quarter we once again had our fair share of the ball but struggled to capitalise. Their ball movement from their backline up forward was the dominating factor, our boys once again tried their hearts out but in the end we were beaten by a very good football team. Best players on the day were Ricky Butler who is having a great season, Alex Haughey once again had a cracking game, Ian Williamson played very well in his first game, Adrian Wilson continues to lead from the front with his never say die attitude, Heath and Matty toiled hard in the ruck all day,. This weekend we face Gepps X at home, a must win if we have any chances of survival. Yours in footy Dusty

Football 09-05-11
The daunting task of fronting Goody Saints on their home turf confronted the Demons on Saturday. The first quarter was a close in affair, both sides defences stood tall and at 1/4 time there was only one kick in the contest.  In the 2nd quarter the Demons took control of the game and displayed some much needed grit and the skill level was probably the best we've seen all year.  Our play on brand of football caught Goody out and at 1/2 time we held a much deserved 10 point lead.  At half time we spoke about resting on our laurels and becoming complacent, we knew they would come out guns blazing and that's exactly what happened. Their full forward was provided with some pinpoint passes and although our boys tried in vain, he was too smart and strong and became the difference between the two sides. At 3/4 time we were still in the game and only 4 goals down at the 5 minute mark, but then they flexed their muscles and ran over the top of us to win by 9 goals. Best players were Ricky Butler who continues with his good form, Alex Haughey tagged their best player out of the game, Adrian Wilson was solid both up forward and down back, Dan McGee won his position at half back and gave us plenty of drive, Shaun Gatto played his normal captains game and Heath and Matty A tried valiantly in the ruck all day. This week we face the undefeated Gaza at home, we still have 6 guys on the injured list and hope to get some of them back to bolster our stocks. Congratulations to Ricky Keen who played his 100th game on Saturday, well done Keeno. Yours in footy, Dusty

Football 02-05-11
    Saturday provided the Demons with our players and supporters a good chance of winning our first game and kicking our season off. The game was important to both clubs given the start to our seasons. TTG kicked the first two goals of the game then the Dees swung into motion and dominated for the rest of the quarter, we kicked 8 unanswered goals and lead by 5 goals at the first break. In the second quarter we went to sleep and TTG took control of the game, our commitment and ability to apply pressure totally fell away and they kicked 11 goals to our two for the quarter to lead by 3 goals at 1/2 time. The 3rd quarter was fairly even, goal for goal then they kicked the last couple to lead by 5 at 3/4 time. The Demons dominated the last quarter but couldn't apply much needed scoreboard pressure, TTG flooded our forward line which made it more difficult to score goals. Every time we kicked a goal and looked like coming home, TTG responded with quick responses. In the end we ran out of time and lost by 12 points. It was a disappointing loss, particularly after the start we had. Best players were Ricky Butler who dominated possessions in the centre, Heath Moloney dominated the rucks and provided the small guys with plenty of opportunities, Daniel Karpany kicked 3 goals and gave us much ground level cover up forward, Dan McGee played his best game for the year, Rick Keen won his wing and Sammy Biggs found some much needed form. Once again we must regroup and prepare for the clash with Goodie Saints down there on Saturday. Once again it was a case of one bad quarter costing us dearly, we must get mentally tougher and find some consistency. Yours in footy, Dusty.

Football 11-04-11
A fine day confronted us for our G.F replay against arch rival PHOS Camden, they recruited 7 players in the off season and lost two so on paper they presented a stronger side than we met last year. From the outset we knew we were in for another tough day in the office with PHOS kicking into a stiff breeze and they controlled the first quarter to lead by about 3 goals at the first break.  In the second quarter PHOS continued their push forward and most of our endeavours forward were met with a very solid hard running defence. The Demons were about 7 goals down at half time and a huge effort was needed in the 3rd, taking into account they had the strong breeze again. To the boys credit we fought very hard and actually kicked 3 goals on the trot and only due to a couple of soft goals just prior to 3/4 time, the lead remained the same.  In the last quarter we went forward on many occasions, poor kicking in front of the sticks prevented us from limiting the score line, it appeared every time they went forward they scored at will.  The final margin was 53 pts, a disappointing result for the boys, they tried their hardest but we weren't good enough on the day. Best players were Alex Haughey who continues with his good form, Shaun Gatto played another great captains game, young Shawn Mansell showed glimpses of brilliance, Corey Coad was solid all day, and the two Ricks (Butler and Keen) were serviceable. The week off couldnt have come quick enough, 9 regular players will hopefully be available for our next must win clash with the Gullies at home. Yours in footy, Dusty

Congratulations to club stalwart, Matthew Paul who clocked up 200 Senior games on the weekend.  He is the first Eastern Park player to play 200 Junior and 200 Senior games for The mighty Demons!!  Well done Matty Paul !!!

Football 11-04-11
   Another tough assignment on Saturday with the Demons taking on the Div1 reigning premiers Henley at home. Injuries and unavailability of 5 players once again tested our depth. The Dees jumped out and kicked the first goal and then Henley kicked into gear and kicked the next six so we found ourselves 30 odd points down at the first break. In the second quarter we stayed in touch with them going goal for goal and the difference remained the same. In the 3rd quarter and for the remainder of the game it was virtually goal for goal with the margin 39 points. The pleasing factor to take out of this game was our ability to get the ball, but the amount of turnovers is a major concern. We need to focus on controlling the footy and improve our basic skill level. This week we lock horns with PHOS again, they had a big win on the weekend and have up until now had the wood on us at their home ground. They also will think they have a point to prove with us beating them in the G.F. Best players on the weekend were Troy Gatto who continually plays on bigger taller forwards and does the job, Benny McGreen worked hard onball all day, Alex Haughey battled hard around half forward and onball, Kenny Mac prevented their full forward from kicking double figures and Adrian Wilson kicked 3 goals and had the ball on a string in the last quarter down back. Yours in footy, Dusty

Football 10-04-11
It was Eastern Park's first home game of the season and it was always going to be tough against reigning premiers, the Henley Sharks. The Demons showed glimpses of last year's form but Henley were full of run and moved the ball fluently from defence and had a great target in Sam Phillipou at full forward.  He ended up with 6 for the day. In contrast we did not deliver the ball to our forwards well and as a consequence goals were hard to find. Adrian Wilson struggled but still ended up with 3 goals on the day with Sam Biggs chipping in with 2. Ben McGreen was great getting plenty of the ball around the ground and his disposal was good by hand and foot. One of the youngsters, Shawn Mansell showed plenty of pace and carried the ball through the lines, hitting up teammates with great disposal.
  Another loss for the Dees but we were certainly not disgraced.  In the first two rounds of the season we have come up against the Div 1 runner up and premiers and we have shown we can match it them when we are on our game.  Hang in their Dees, our first win is just around the corner.

Football 06-04-11
Welcome to all Demon supporters for our first round wrap up. First of all welcome to new B grade coach Marty Ryan, also a warm welcome to Steve Marr, Luke Ross, Heath and Sam Bruce from the Army, hope you enjoy yourselves fellas. To all other new additions to the club, welcome guys we hope you enjoy your stay at the club. Our first historical game in Division one was against last years Runners Up Sacred Heart away. A fine day presented itself at Sacred Heart Oval, we went into the game minus many stars from last year including, Craig Taylor-Port, Zac Millar Maitland, Flex Hamilton-Nuriootpa, Peter Dempsey-Renmark, Adam Walasek-work, Docker-Birdwood and Blake Moore-Ingle Farm. A great opportunity for younger and new guys to play some quality football. The opening couple of minutes were torrid, both teams trying to ascertain their authority, Sacred Heart lead at 1/4 time by about 14 pts. In the second quarter Sacred Heart came out with all guns blazing, their running and skill work was too good for us and at half time they lead by about 7 goals. In the 3rd quarter we came out and got settled into the style of play. We outscored them and probably should have been closer on the scoreboard at 3/4 time. In the final stanza both sides started to tire and both benches were stretched to the limit, Sacred Heart ended up winning 14.13 to 7.7. Eastern Park were far from disgraced and showed a lot of character particularly after the main break. Best players on the day were Shaun Gatto, Alan Harvey, Matty Paul, Mozza and Gav Burckett. This week we face the reigning premiers Henley at home, bring it on. Yours in footy Dusty

Football 03-04-11
In their debut game in Div 1, Eastern Park faced last year's grand finalist, Sacred Heart OC.  It was certainly a challenge for the Parkers who showed glimpses of their premiership form.  With the loss of several key players from last season it was always going to be an ask for the boys, but they showed on many occasions they were able to match it with the Div 1 team. Sacred Heart were too good in this round but there is sure to be improvement in the Demons as the season continues. The score: Sacred Heart OC 14.13 97 def Eastern Park 7.7 49.  Dusty will share his comments a little later in the next day or so.

Action from EPFC's first game in DIV1 SAAFL

Netball 15-02-11

Netball Rego Day
Netball Rego Day with be held Sunday March 20th 11am-2pm at Eastern Park Football Club. Fees are $95 ($50 deposit required upon registration). Any enquires to Nicole Gill.  Mobile:0430092710  or
email: gillmar@optusnet.com.au
Coaches and Umpires Needed for winter season beginning 6th May 2011.


Club 09-02-11

Eastern Park Bike Rally

Saturday the 5th of March

Meet at the club at 11:00am
We ride to Woodside Park for a BBQ lunch and a drink
When Ready, we return to the club for a free beer
and watch the
remainder of the cricket

Cost $5 a head. Payment to be made before leaving
See Damo for info and payment
Drink and BBQ tickets handed out when payment received
Everyone welcome, bring your car if you like...



Junior Football 20-01-11

Junior Football Rego Day
Sunday 13th Feb 11am - 4pm @ the Club
Membership deposit required. If you cant make it rego forms are now available at the club from the bar, please fill one in asap so we can work out team numbers.

Training Times for 2011 found here

Club 04-01-11

Australia Day Wednesday 26th of January 9am till Close
BBQ Brekkie starts @ 9am: Bacon & Egg Sandwiches for $3.00each
BBQ Lunch @ 11:30am: Sausages and Bread for $2.00each
Steak Sandwich for $4.00each Salad Plate and one meat for $5.00each
Kidís games will be organised including races, A Slip & Slide and water balloons for the kids.
Cricket Games to be organise by Damo.
Come & support your club & celebrate Australia.
Your family and friends are more than welcome.